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Kofun Reseller and Evaluator Mailing Kit

Kit Includes: Demo CD, Saved Games Disk, Evaluation Guide, and Passport is the Product Overview Brochure.

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Movie Style and Size Poster for In-Store Display

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OVERVIEW:   The Sacred Mirror of Kofun was a Class A marketing campaign, which essentially means that the product had excellent sales potential and a full launch of the product was approved to drive as much demand into retail stores as possible.   Over $1M was committed to launch this product which was a collaboration of talents from Jean-Michel Cousteau, Future Concepts/IDP or France, and Enteractive.  This was the first ever gaming product that included live-footage from Cousteau dives as a part of the plot and adventure.  A truly remarkable product in many ways, but the game play was weak by gamers standards and that was an issue that needed to be overcome via the marketing campaign to drive sales as quickly as possible. 

OBJECTIVES:   Fully integrated pre-holiday sales marketing campaign targeting initially retail channel buyers then shifting to end-user/target customers.  As in all my campaigns the goal was to be visible in at least 3 mediums (magazines/papers, advertising, radio, TV, etc.) simultaneously so that the product messages penetrated the mind space of our target audience and they sensed that something different and exciting was happening that they should be aware of and be a part of.  This type of campaign invokes word-of-mouth which ultimately is the most powerful weapon in sales of consumer products.   The following is the marketing campaign summary:

End User Advertising:  Create pull-through of product sales to consumers by placing advertisements in targeted game and Computer Magazines


  • Full Page—“Coming Soon” teaser ad—September/October

  • Spreads—“Now at your local retailer” announcement—November/December/January

  • 1/2 Page—“at your local retailer” follow-up—February/Spring

  • Publications:  Computer Life, HomePC, Computer Currents, Computer Gaming World, PC Gamer and Intelligent Gamer.

Channel Advertising: Target software retail and gaming channel publications to promote sell-in.


  • Full Page—“Coming Soon” teaser ad—September

  • Full Page—“Now available” announcement—October/November/December

  • Publications:  Multimedia Merchandising, Computer Retail Week

End User and Channel Press Relations:

1. Leverage the name of Jean-Michel Cousteau in “The Making of...” for feature articles and exclusive cover stories.

2.  Generate positive reviews in game and computer publications through a gaming press tour scheduled June 21 through June 28 and July 8 through July 12.

Target Publications: Computer Gaming World, PC Gamer, Intelligent Gamer, Computer Game Review, Electronic Gaming Monthly, Fusion, Game Players, Game Pro, PC Games, Game Pen, Computer Life, HomePC, Family PC, PC World, Windows Magazine, PC Magazine, Windows Sources, New Media Magazine, PC Computing, and Windows Sources.

3.  Promote stories to key technology sections of business publications, newspapers and special interest publications for inclusion in feature articles.

Target Publications:  New York Times, Associated Press, Business Week, New York Post, Newsweek, Reuters, US News & World Report, Family Life, USA Today, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, LA Times, Boot Magazine, C/NET On-line, Wired Magazine.

4.  Utilize Enteractive’s Website by posting:

a) all press releases

b) key quotes from articles

c) contests and events

d) links to other related Websites including Happy Puppy and Gamespot

Channel Promotions/*MDF Programs: (*MDF-marketing development funds)

1.  Participate in heavy and early MDF advertising to consumers through retailers.  Use arresting in-store merchandising tactics to introduce and launch THE SACRED MIRROR OF KOFUN.  Budget Commitment:$425,000.


  • September and October - “Coming Soon” counter POP

  • November thru January - Continued promotions throughout the Holiday selling season.

Target Stores: Gaming and software retailers including Babbages, Best Buy, CompUSA, Computer City, Electronics Boutique, Egghead, Elek-Tek, Software City, and Software Etc.

2.  Target computer and game retail buyers with 3-part direct mail release announcements to support sell-in of product.

3.  Provide product demos and sampler CD-ROMs for in-store use.

End-User and Internet Promotions:

1.  CD-ROM catalog for inclusion in:

–product boxes

–consumer giveaways

–other CD Sampler discs

2.  Consumer website “Riddle” competition

–weekly prizes

–Grand Prize winner in 1997

–links and on-line advertisement

3.  Registration card return, impulse purchase incentive.


An extremely successful marketing launch in which 90% of the target publications carried stories about the product all major magazines reviewed the product and all target retailers carried the product on their shelves.  Unfortunately due to product release delays due to development problems encountered in late testing the product was not released until late November and sales targets were not met for the year.  This was truly a text book case of an effective product launch in which all elements worked together to create demand, unfortunately the product was not delivered on time and the market window passed.  Timing is everything when selling entertainment products.   I would like to recognize the excellent efforts of Karla Knickerbocker, who was a key driving force in the development and execution of this program and without whom I would never have pulled of such a great campaign.



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